As a sample of feedback about our agency and programs, here is what some parents had to say about the positive impact on their families.

"My family and I have been involved with Uncles & Aunts at Large for approximately six years. I am a single parent, raising four (now three at home) teenagers and young adults on my own, and this organization has been a blessing to us. They offer so much to us, including a mentoring program for my daughter, access to food bank (bread, buns, fresh produce, milk), in-home visits, mental health support, school supplies and clothing, a community garden, Christmas parties and a family gift sponsorship, and tickets to events such as hockey and football games that we would not otherwise be able to attend. I was ablet o register in the Strengthening Families Program with my teenagers, which was wonderful for teaching parents to form bonds with children based on gentle discipline. My daughter is currently attending two monthly groups for teen girls, which is beneficial for her as she finds it difficult finding and forming friendships with her peers.
We have known many of the staff members for the entire duration of our involvement with Uncles & Aunts at Large. They have always been kind and respectful, extremely dedicated, welcoming, and very accepting of our family. They are actively working to join families with the community, and to build up parental relationships within. I haea no doubt that they will continue to offer the strong supports and inclusive programming that I have seen in the past, and I cannot say enough how grateful we are for everything they have done for us. I look forward to any new resources they have available in the future"
-Adriana H
"You make my kids happy. It allows them to socialize and be surrounded with good people."
-Parent of child in YMI boys group
"I saved a lot of money for my groceries. It helps my girls to connect with other beautiful families, sharing our lives together. Love this program very much."
"Family away from family. Good food recipes, good conversation and good friends offering support and good fun. A break from the reality of an every day busy work week."
"It helps granddaughter to learn to cook and prepare. Helps with meals."
"I’ve never made a casserole before. This was my first time and it was very fun to learn"
-Evaluation comments from participants at the Community Kitchen
"It really helped us to have the opportunity to experience something we never done. And it helped our isolation"
-A family comment about the Annual Fishing Derby