Celebrating our 50th Anniversary

of Mentoring in the Edmonton and Area community

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Our Volunteers

Our volunteers reflect the citizens of this city and area. They donate about 23,000 hours to the agency each year and have enriched the lives of over 8,000 children. Volunteers vary in age, background, culture and interests. They can be young students, working adults, or seniors with years of wisdom to share. Our volunteers help us serve over 300 families annually.

Through our varied programs, volunteers can serve as group activity mentors, one-to-one mentors, or in-school mentors. They can take on leadership roles or help with fundraising. Or volunteers can come up with a totally unique way to share their talents and skills. We support our volunteers through an orientation program and regular follow ups.

Volunteer Opportunities

Group Volunteer Opportunities

YMI – Youth for Mutual improvement is a boy’s group mentorship opportunity, available for two hours a month. This group typically runs 10 months a year, and flexible commitments are welcome. YMI is a positive, activity-based group for boys (9-13 years) in need of male mentorship. The group enjoys activities ranging from community volunteering to battles of wit in Risk tournaments! Come and share your energy and ideas.

GGS – Girls Growing Strong is a girl’s group mentorship opportunity, available for two hours a month. The group runs 10 months a year. GGS provides a safe space for young girls (10-14 years) to explore their identities and interests while supported by strong female volunteers. Friendship is fostered through different activities from arts and crafts, to thrill-seeking adventures at the trampoline gym! Many of the girls lack quality time with committed mentors, so give the gift of friendship today.

Annual Family Events – What an outstanding one-time volunteer opportunity! Help with a picnic, festive event, or fishing derby, face painting, seasonal crafts, and singalongs. Help make it happen with a six-hour commitment.

Individual Volunteer Opportunities

One-to-one Mentorships – In our one-to-one mentorship program, volunteers commit to being a child’s Uncle or Aunt for a year. During that time, they foster a caring and friendly relationship with the child by sharing mutually enjoyable activities. These young people need a supportive adult role model and your guidance and friendship can make a big difference in their lives. Our volunteers also tell us that spending quality one-to-one time with a child enriches their own lives in ways they never expected.

In-school mentoring – More one-to-one time can help some children and youth have a more successful school experience. Uncles & Aunts at Large partners with schools to provide their students with an in-school mentor. Flexible times are arranged to fit student, school, and volunteer schedules.

Online and In-person Tutoring - Volunteer 1 hour per week to help a child/youth improve their academic skills.

Bingo and Casino Volunteers

Our Agency regularly sponsors bingos and casinos. These are important sources of funding for our services and we rely on volunteers to organize and run these events. Come on out – you’ll enjoy working with other great community volunteers for a good cause.